500,000 Shouts of Thanksgiving

500000-mighty-sound-kids-youtube-viewsGreat is the Lord, and most worthy of praise, in the city of our God, his holy mountain. Psalm 48:1

We’re amazed and excited to announce that the views of Mighty Sound Kids videos continue to increase at an incredible rate. Thank you to all our friends and followers for your support of the Mighty Sound Kids mission.

As of today, January 21, 2017:


The mission of Mighty Sound Kids is a ministry dedicated to getting resources into the hands of children, families, and ministries throughout the world—FREE of charge. YouTube has provided a way for us to reach beyond borders and that is very important to us.

We are thankful and grateful to God for our followers that help us in this outreach effort. The momentum continues and, looking back, this is the second milestone in January as we reached 400,000 views on January 8, 2017, adding another 100K in just the past two weeks.

While we have seen the number of viewers snowball, the best part of this testimony is WHERE the videos are being viewed. The leading country for views is NOT the United States…it is Vietnam. In Vietnam, the Christians still face persecution. Learn more here

The top ten countries view Mighty Sound Kids videos include:

  1. Vietnam

  2. Philippines

  3. Kazakhstan

  4. Georgia

  5. Belarus

  6. Thailand

  7. Mexico

  8. Cambodia

  9. Egypt

  10. Ukraine

All praise and glory be to our Lord and King, Jesus. He is the Wonder of Wonderful. 




Year End Report on Mighty Sounds Kids


Jerry Lenz reflects on the growth of Mighty Sound Kids

This is a ministry directed project and not a business endeavor. Sales of physical CDs and downloads are sparse to put it kindly and I am reminded daily that Kingdom building and marketing schemes most often run along different paths. The Lord has blessed me with the ability to grow my radio entertainment marketing and that extra income fuels my passion for Mighty Sound Kids to reach children and families all over the globe.

It is amazing to watch daily where this ministry is reaching—countries I’ve never even heard of. In fact, I had to look up the Northern Mariana Islands today. Each time I discover a new country I read about the people and culture and give thanks to God for this journey.

YouTube is the engine of discovery for the Mighty Sound Kids songs and several people each day will link from a MSK video to the MSK website which was launched in May of this year. Facebook was added about the same time and the MSK Facebook page has over 500 followers, most in Vietnam and the Philippines.

In the case of Facebook I can see the young mothers’ photos and their families. Further I am amazed at the number of Muslim mothers (they proclaim their faith on their Facebook page) that like and follow Mighty Sound Kids. For me, I see the Spirit of God moving on hearts and families and that is something you cannot quantify on a business report.

The five new songs have brought in new audiences too in some amazing places. Iraq is moving up fast at a time of persecution for Christians in that country. At the bottom of this article is a report from today of YouTube activity for all Mighty Sound Kids videos by location.

In summary, I am thankful to God for reawakening this music ministry in 2016. From a humble start as a Sunday school teacher 30 years ago, at The Church On The Way, I am reminded of my first project or vision for Christian children’s music. It was called Four Heavensakes & Friends (characters singing the songs). Well, today, it is the same heart behind Mighty Sound Kids. When I wrote out the original vision, the essence was, “Music and Ministry for a Multitude.” I am eternally grateful for each new family touched by the music and my prayer is that children receive Jesus as their Savior, are filled with the Holy Spirit and begin ministering the Love of God to others.


2016 Year End Report for Mighty Sound Kids YouTube Views
Total Minutes of viewing Total Views
570, 341 376,939
Country Views
**Displaying the top 50 Countries only
Vietnam 73,943
Philippines 24,707
Kazakhstan 17,637
Georgia 14,648
Belarus 14,165
Thailand 13,165
Cambodia 13,543
Egypt 10,643
Ukraine 8,850
Armenia 8,200
Moldova 7,335
Serbia 6,810
Mexico 7,648
Iraq 8,078
Venezuela 7,349
United States 7,887
Russia 6,425
Bosnia & Herzegovina 5,440
Mongolia 6,702
India 5,956
Algeria 5,627
Azerbaijan 4,651
Macedonia (FYROM) 4,158
Pakistan 5,303
Morocco 3,729
Bangladesh 5,177
Bulgaria 4,768
Ecuador 4,570
Laos 4,431
Dominican Republic 4,050
Trinidad & Tobago 3,696
Albania 3,321
Kyrgyzstan 3,289
Unknown 3,264
Peru 3,051
Palestine 2,899
Brazil 2,895
Tunisia 2,725
Jamaica 2,660
Colombia 2,556
Romania 2,511
Latvia 2,294
Argentina 2,010
Honduras 1,738
Montenegro 1,708
Lithuania 1,687
El Salvador 1,680
Sri Lanka 1,647



Bring All the Children into The House of The Lord



May all of your children come to the saving grace of Jesus and be filled with the Holy Spirit. May your children rise and proclaim the goodness and lovingkindness of Father God. The 54th chapter of Isaiah holds great promise for all believers and a precious verse for believer’s children:

“All your children will be taught by the Lord, and great will be their peace.” Isaiah 54:13

200,000 Reasons to Remember the Lord’s Good Works


The mission of Mighty Sound Kids is a ministry dedicated to getting resources into the hands of children, families and ministries throughout the world—FREE of charge. YouTube has provided a way for us to reach beyond borders and that is very important to us.


Advancing to 200,000 views has been rapid in that we were thankful and excited when we reached 100,000 views back on August 18, 2016 or our first 1,000 views in June 2016. While we have seen the numbers of viewers snowball, the best part of this testimony is WHERE the videos are being viewed. The leading country for view is NOT the United States…it is Vietnam. In Vietnam the Christians still face huge persecution. Learn more here

The top ten countries view Mighty Sound Kids videos include: Vietnam, Philippines,  Kazakhstan, Belarus, Mexico, Georgia, Russia, Mexico, Thailand ,Cambodia and Ukraine. All praise and glory be to our Lord and King, Jesus. He is the Wonder of Wonderful.

I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago.
I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.”

Psalm 77:11-12 (NIV)



Storybook or Video? Choose Wisely     


Storytelling to your children and grandchildren

Storytelling to your children and grandchildren

One of the best memories of childhood is our parents reading to us from a storybook. Even in our ever-increasing world of technology, nothing can equal all that happens to us when someone is personally reading a story to us. Allow me to repeat, NOTHING can equal the experience and all that is going on inside of us, mind, body and soul.

A fond memory of mine is my grandmother, Cora Lenz, visiting us and when it was naptime for me she chose to read the Bible. I was laying on my parent’s bed and I can remember feeling the texture of the bedspread. Then grandma started showing me pictures in the Bible (think 1950s version with a few pages of full color paintings of Jesus’ ministry). She didn’t read me scripture, she told the story from her heart as she knew the Bible well. Not surprisingly she was a Sunday school teacher.

In 1993 when I became the editor for KIDS Church, I discovered that the most useful tool in the curriculum we were producing was the Today’s Life Story segments. We supplied churches with overhead transparencies and 35mm slides to display the pictures. We included a script but emphasized the importance of “owning” the story and telling it from the heart rather than reading the script. The Today’s Life Stories supported the Bible lesson and the drawings we created were cartoon characters. We weave the story making Bible application for the kids to live out the lesson. By the way, it sure would have been easier with PowerPoint in 1993.

Later in the KIDS Church development we “modernized” and made some Today’s Life Stories in video format. It fell flat and failed and I saw it first-hand. Observing the kids watching the video segment told me the story. They disengaged. They were restless. The reason is simple. Video cannot and will not ever replace good storytelling from the heart of a gifted teacher.

Joel 1: 3 Tell your children about these things. And let your children tell their children.  And let your grandchildren tell their children. (ICB)

Storybooks and storytelling from the heart will best serve the needs of our children and their children and for all generations to come. Go fire up the gift inside you and tell a story.

©2016 Jerry Lenz / Mighty Sound Kids / Lenz Entertainment Group

A Milestone of Thanksgiving to God

MSK/Jerry Lenz/June 9 2016
Mighty Sound Kids - June 9 2016

Mighty Sound Kids – June 9 2016

The Old Testament practice of using stones of remembrance can be found in Joshua 4. Today we tend to use the term milestone as a progress marker on a journey. The bottom line is that is good to remember and retell to our children about the good things that the Lord has done in our lives. Today is a milestone day for Mighty Sound Kids that we want to share with you. Let it encourage you to remember and retell what God has done for you.


I was awaiting the latest YouTube video stats today (6/9/16) because I was confident that we would hit the 1,000 views milestone for Might Sound Kids. It wasn’t a stretch of faith because yesterday we were at 992. Well, imagine how it felt to see today’s total: 1,304


Late in 2014 I sensed a stirring to relaunch my children’s music digitally. I owned my masters from releasing a CD in 1998-99. Sold quite a few CDs and then left it alone. It was never about “making money.” When you sense God working through you to write children’s music it is far more about the mission rather than making a living.


Anyway I secured an independent digital distribution agreement and the Mighty Sound Kids started popping up in all sorts of places like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and several other sources all over the globe. iHeartRadio even picked it up and created a Mighty Sound Kids station.


Last fall I realized that it would be a good idea to create videos so churches and parents would have a resource to use in teaching the songs. I finished the first one around Thanksgiving 2015 and finished all ten by March of 2016. It started slow, but I could see that people were sharing the videos. In late April, Might Sound Kids had 500 views and the thing is snowballing now.


We like “likes,” and we like counting our numbers. However, at the end of the day it is about a mission to bring children’s music to a multitude for free. Our hope is that the songs would not only plant seeds, but change lives by pointing families to God. May His Peace and His presence take this mission forward for His Glory.