Jesus is Lord over Egypt 


We salute the wonderful children and families of Egypt, knowing that Jesus is Lord over that nation. Mighty Sound Kids is delighted to play a small part in that Egypt is one of the top ten countries viewing the Mighty Sound Kids videos on YouTube. In fact, the videos have been viewed over 27,000 minutes in Egypt as of today.

Seeing all this activity caused us to look further into Christianity in Egypt. It is a minority religion in Egypt and nearly all are Copts, followers of the Coptic Orthodox Church. According to Open Doors there is increased persecution of Christians in Egypt and yet there is a small but growing community of Christian converts (Muslim Background Believers, MBBs), who bear the brunt of persecution, most often from family members. Believers are often kicked out of their homes when their Muslim families find out about their faith.

Nonetheless, Jesus is Lord over Egypt and God is in control. Pray for this country and its people that they may be blessed with the freedom that only Jesus can bring them. More Lord for Egypt! May His Love rule and reign.


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