Ordinary becomes Extraordinary

ordinary-becomes-extraordinaryTake a moment to think about the shepherds tending their flocks in the field when God suddenly chooses them to announce His greatest gift to humanity, His Son Jesus. These are hard-working everyday men, hand-picked by God to witness the birth of His Son. Regular guys, not priests in the Temple, that were selected to have a role in God’s gift to mankind.

Although the Bible does not give us any details about their lives after being visited by Angels and instructed to travel to Bethlehem to witness the birth of Christ, it is safe to say that their lives were forever changed from ordinary to extraordinary.  Think about their return home to their families, sharing testimony of their experience and the miracles they lived and witnessed.

Let us all be open to God using our ordinary lives for His extraordinary purposes. Let’s show our children more this Christmas season than a simple retelling of The Christmas Story, and key in on the ordinary people mentioned to further encourage our children to be open to all that God desires to do in them and through them. Merry Christmas!

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