Mighty Sound Kids–The New Album

New Interactive Kid’s Album feeds the Spirit

SAMPLE TRACKS: https://mightysoundkids.com/media/

god-loves-you-vers2Lenz Entertainment Group’s musical elves have cobbled a new interactive Children’s Album, God Loves You by Mighty Sound Kids. This time, the elves took a giant step forward to provide parents and teachers with free teaching resources to explain the purpose and principles in each song. Further, the God Loves You album includes performance tracks so that children can learn the song and perform it in their own voice. The release includes: Holy Trinity, Praise The Name Yeshua (Jesus), My Hands, GLY and SDI, and Sunshine and Rainbows. PLUS, a performance track for each song. 10 tracks total, retail $9.99

Based in Orlando Florida, Lenz Entertainment has been working with the producers, Sarah Moore and Tom Rau for over 20 years. Jerry Lenz, songwriter and founder of Mighty Sound Kids, was the editor of KIDS Church curriculum (Charisma Media) and the Moore-Rau production team produced the music for KIDS Church. Both Sarah Moore (College Park Productions) and Tom Rau (Twelve Oaks Productions) have decades of production credits including a significant and on-going relationship with Disney, producing music for the theme park’s shows, attractions, parades and the Disney cruise ship productions. Additionally, Sarah Moore has many children’s music albums to her credit, both writing and producing.

Under Sarah Moore’s direction, the vocals on Mighty Sound Kids God Loves You album are performed by Grace Alexander, Joseph DeRosa and Sophia DeRosa.

International digital distribution for Mighty Sound Kids is through CD Baby (CDBaby.Com). The release date for the CD is November 24, 2016 (Thanksgiving Day). Distributors and retailers can contact Lenz Entertainment Group.

It is important to note that Mighty Sound Kids have built a large international following on YouTube with over 200,000 views of the first Mighty Sound Kids release. The first release went into digital distribution in 2015 and videos were produced and released beginning in November of 2015.


LEG/November 3, 2016

©2016 Lenz Entertainment Group

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