Sneak Peek—New Songs Coming!

The song selection process is completed and Mighty Sound Kids next release of new material is coming this fall. This release will include five new songs plus the performance track for each song. The added performance tracks will enable parents and children’s ministry work the chance to learn and perform the songs adding your kid’s vocals.

We’ve put together a teaser video using the instrumental track from Mighty Sound Kids’ new song—Holy Trinity. This teaser track with give you a sense of the style for the new songs. We encourage your feedback and questions.

Jesus is Lord over Kazakhstan

MSK Jesus is Lord over KazakhstanWe salute the wonderful children and families of Kazakhstan, knowing that Jesus is Lord over that nation. Mighty Sound Kids is delighted to play a small part in that Kazakhstan is one of the top ten countries viewing the Mighty Sound Kids videos on YouTube. In fact, the videos have been viewed for over 8,500 minutes in Kazakhstan as of today.

Seeing all this activity caused us to look further into Christianity in Kazakhstan. Amazingly the evangelical Christians account for less than three percent of the population and the country is predominantly Muslim. According to Open Doors the increased persecution of Christians in Kazakhstan is driven by a regime that seeks to increase its control more and more, as well is Islamic extremism.

Nonetheless, Jesus is Lord over Kazakhstan and God is in control. Pray for this country and its people that they may be blessed with the freedom that only Jesus can bring them. More Lord for Kazakhstan! May His Love rule and reign.

One Hundred Thousand Reasons for Thanksgiving

100,000 Reasons to give thanks to the lordMighty Sound Kids ministry is dedicated to getting resources into the hands of children, families and ministries throughout the world—FREE of charge. YouTube has provided a way for us to reach beyond borders and that is very important to us.

As of today, August 18, 2016, Mighty Sound Kids videos on YouTube have been viewed over 100,000 times—mainly moms! We are giving thanks to God! Praise The Lord!

The climb to 100,000 views has been rapid in that we were thankful when we reached 1,000 views back in June. While we have seen the numbers of viewers snowball, the best part of this testimony is WHERE the videos are being viewed. The leading country for view is NOT the United States…it is Vietnam. In Vietnam the Christians still face huge persecution. Learn more here

The top ten countries view Mighty Sound Kids videos include: Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Belarus, Georga, Russia, Cambodia, Ukraine, Thailand and Philippines.

All praise and glory be to our Lord and King, Jesus. He is the Wonder of Wonderful.

Jerry Lenz / Mighty Sound Kids ©2016 Lenz Entertainment Group

New Songs on the Threshing Floor

The Threshing Floor - Mighty Sound Kids

The Threshing Floor – Mighty Sound Kids

The Mighty Sound Kids team is rejoicing because new songs are on the threshing floor and we will have a new album released this year. The threshing floor in the music business is the recording studio and the work that takes place before the first instrumental tracks and vocal tracks are laid down.

Would you like to peek behind the curtain and know more about the threshing process?

While I write the songs and record rough demos (play the keyboards and sing), the material is presented to Sarah Moore and Tom Rau. By the way, our plan is for you to learn more about their incredible talents. The threshing process is that both Sarah and Tom will enhance the songs with ideas, change melody lines and freshen the style and instrumentation. Both Sarah and Tom have extensive credits especially with songs and material for Disney. In general, the public doesn’t realize that much of the music played in the Disney parks, parades, cruises and on ancillary CDs, DVDs, etc. is produced in Orlando. What an incredible blessing Sarah and Tom are to bring their talents to Mighty Sound Kids.

Sarah will be selecting the children vocalists and they too are experienced in the recording studio. Again, such amazing talent in Orlando. The kids will learn their parts and be ready with the time comes to lay down their tracks in the next month or so. It takes time and you can see how the threshing term applies throughout the process of bringing an album to completion and release.

Stay tuned with the Mighty Sound Kids as we look forward to sharing more details as the new music is threshed and made ready for you to hear.

Jerry Lenz / Mighty Sound Kids ©2016 Lenz Entertainment Group