New Chapters in The Song, Jump For Jesus

Like so many good things that start in a small way, I have watched the song, Jump For Jesus, reach new audiences and travel the globe today because of the internet. That was not possible when I wrote the song for my kindergarten Sunday School class back in the late 1980s at The Church On The Way in Van Nuys California.

One especially precious memory from those early days is seeing the entire choir, kids choir and The Church On The Way congregation singing Jump For Jesus under the direction of Naomi Beard. Anyone one who has had the privilege of knowing Naomi understands how much this means to me personally. The genuine gift of true worship was a daily expression around her and she inspired you to worship Father God from your heart.

Jump For Jesus gained national exposure when in 1994 it was included in the KIDS Church curriculum (Charisma Media). I had the privilege of teaching at children’s ministry conferences in those days and seeing children and families singing the song in churches throughout the United States and Canada.

Fast-forward to today, I secured digital distribution for some of my songs and would read the reports of the songs streaming and being downloaded on a multitude of services all over the world (more outside the US than here at home). It inspired me to make and post YouTube videos so parents and teachers would have free resources to use the songs in ministry.

That is the heart of Mighty Sound Kids—to get the music to the people that are in most need of ministry resources. God has answered my prayers in that regard and it is amazing to see that many of the leading countries where Christians are persecuted have the most views on YouTube. Currently the United States is 25th on the Mighty Sound Kids YouTube channel. And that’s good in that Americans have so many Christian resources, we can’t begin to sort through all we have.

There is more to come for this simple kids song. Jump For Jesus because it continues to gain momentum and it is humbling to observe what God is doing with this song. Here is one YouTube clip of children in singing Jump For Jesus in Sudan Africa. You will have to allow the full video (it is short) to play to hear the kids sing in English. It gives me great joy to share it with you.

If you have a video clip of your children singing any of the Mighty Sound Kids songs, we would love to see it and share it on our website. Use the contact page to alert us and we will respond.

Jerry Lenz / Mighty Sound Kids ©2016 Lenz Entertainment Group






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