Impress or Press In?

Early in life we want to please our parents and this is a normal family setting. As we begin our education, it is natural to want to please our teachers—again, this is normal and healthy. We see the rewards of appreciation and we desire more. Being told, “Well done, nice job,” generally fuels our motivation to do our best.

Impress or Press in-MightySoundKidsAs we get older, this can turn into a strong desire to impress others. We are confident and bold and we want everyone to know just how cool we are. If we do not keep this under control, our train can come off the track and suddenly we strive to impress others. We think about it, dream about it and scheme about it. Ouch! We find ourselves often wounded because we didn’t get the accolades from others. No one turn on their video to capture our coolness. It becomes a merry-go-round that is hard to get off and we just seem to never measure up.

Instead of trying to impress others who really don’t care about you all that much, press in to the One who cares about you more than you can comprehend. Press in to God. Take your place at His feet and worship Him. Allow Him to be your Healer and true help. Start your day with Him. Thank Him immediately for the gift of life today. Find your true joy in Him today and all of yesterday’s actions of trying to impress others will melt with His flood of love for you.

Jerry Lenz / Mighty Sound Kids ©2016 Lenz Entertainment Group

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