The incredible work of Children’s Pastors and children’s ministry workers is often taken for granted, or worse, viewed as childcare. Yet, we know Jesus’ priority in ministry. He first told Peter, “Feed My Lambs,” followed by “Tend My sheep,” and “Feed My sheep.”
Jesus said Feed My Lambs / Mighty Sound Kids

Jesus said Feed My Lambs / Mighty Sound Kids

Most mature Christians are familiar with the 4/14 Window. It’s startling to recognize that a full 50% of conversions to Christ, being born again, occur between the ages of 6 to 12-years of age. Conversions at age 20 and up only account for 19% yet many churches make that group their budget-stretching priority. (Read more here on the 4/14 Window)

Given the facts and the reality of our world today, Mighty Sound Kids’ greater purpose is to minister to those who minister to children. To equip them with free resources and be a source of training and encouragement. Our experience compels us to not only see children saved and walking with the Lord, but to enable them to wholly and fully minister to others. God’s wonder-working power in and through children is beyond amazing, it is exactly what Jesus tells us, “For such is the Kingdom of heaven.”

We are on-call for the needs of Children’s Pastors and ministry workers. What do you need? What do you want help with? Let us be of service to you and your ministry. Email us questions. We even offer online video appointments without charge to listen to you and offer practical advice, prayer and counsel.

Additionally, Jerry Lenz is available to come to your church and minister to your team and/or conduct a Kids Church service for your congregation in the main sanctuary. We will give you ideas of how to “love on” your volunteers, creative recruiting for more team members and ideas for building life-long relationships to help feed the lambs.


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