New Chapters in The Song, Jump For Jesus

Like so many good things that start in a small way, I have watched the song, Jump For Jesus, reach new audiences and travel the globe today because of the internet. That was not possible when I wrote the song for my kindergarten Sunday School class back in the late 1980s at The Church On The Way in Van Nuys California.

One especially precious memory from those early days is seeing the entire choir, kids choir and The Church On The Way congregation singing Jump For Jesus under the direction of Naomi Beard. Anyone one who has had the privilege of knowing Naomi understands how much this means to me personally. The genuine gift of true worship was a daily expression around her and she inspired you to worship Father God from your heart.

Jump For Jesus gained national exposure when in 1994 it was included in the KIDS Church curriculum (Charisma Media). I had the privilege of teaching at children’s ministry conferences in those days and seeing children and families singing the song in churches throughout the United States and Canada.

Fast-forward to today, I secured digital distribution for some of my songs and would read the reports of the songs streaming and being downloaded on a multitude of services all over the world (more outside the US than here at home). It inspired me to make and post YouTube videos so parents and teachers would have free resources to use the songs in ministry.

That is the heart of Mighty Sound Kids—to get the music to the people that are in most need of ministry resources. God has answered my prayers in that regard and it is amazing to see that many of the leading countries where Christians are persecuted have the most views on YouTube. Currently the United States is 25th on the Mighty Sound Kids YouTube channel. And that’s good in that Americans have so many Christian resources, we can’t begin to sort through all we have.

There is more to come for this simple kids song. Jump For Jesus because it continues to gain momentum and it is humbling to observe what God is doing with this song. Here is one YouTube clip of children in singing Jump For Jesus in Sudan Africa. You will have to allow the full video (it is short) to play to hear the kids sing in English. It gives me great joy to share it with you.

If you have a video clip of your children singing any of the Mighty Sound Kids songs, we would love to see it and share it on our website. Use the contact page to alert us and we will respond.

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The Tentmaker’s Advantage

The Tentmakers AdvantageWe know from scripture that the Apostle Paul was a tentmaker and that Jesus was a carpenter, however, there is not much detail about their trades in the bible. What we can do is to dig into the story and explore some common sense conclusions.

Both trades were commonly performed in the marketplace, somewhat like a modern day’s farmer’s market. Reading about the culture and practices during the time of Jesus’ childhood, I learned that carpenter’s booths were often next to the metal smiths trade area, as their combined trades where used to make and repair farming implements—plows, sickles, cart wheels. Very practical needs. Similarly, a tentmaker would be in the marketplace.

Take your ministry into the marketplace and you may experience what I call the tentmaker’s advantage.

We are all aware that professional ministry can keep us from the marketplace and prevent us from ministering to the most-needy. Your “tent-making,” is anything to moves you in to the real world marketplace to be face-to-face with non-believers. It can be a second job, a hobby or part-time trade.

Now, think about what Jesus and Paul did in their trades. They talked to people. They did not bury their heads in their work, and while we do not have biblical records of conversions or healings, it is safe to say that these things did occur through our examples, in the marketplace. Use the tentmaker’s advantage whenever you want to reach people that would never step inside a church.

New Doors Have Opened for Mighty Sound Kids

Special Edition Mighty Sound Kids

Special Edition Mighty Sound Kids

With special thanks to Executive Director Matt Guevara and INCM (International Network of Children’s Ministries), we are excited to announce that Mighty Sound Kids CDs are being distributed to over 500 churches through INCM’s program, Dispatch. INCM explains Dispatch;

“Dispatch was created to answer the most common question from children’s ministry leaders: “Where do I find the best ideas?” With Dispatch, #kidmin no longer need to search websites, scour Pinterest, or raid the curriculum closet. We thoughtfully curate a selection of the latest ideas and products, assemble, and ultimately deliver them in a quarterly box to children’s and family ministry leaders everywhere.” Learn more about Dispatch and INCM.

Lenz Entertainment Group actually created a special edition of Mighty Sound Kids for the Dispatch program using the new MSK logo. We are thankful for this association in that it gives Mighty Sound Kids a tremendous opportunity to further fulfill our mission of getting free resources into the hands of those who minister to children.

Jerry Lenz / Mighty Sound Kids ©2016 Lenz Entertainment Group

Impress or Press In?

Early in life we want to please our parents and this is a normal family setting. As we begin our education, it is natural to want to please our teachers—again, this is normal and healthy. We see the rewards of appreciation and we desire more. Being told, “Well done, nice job,” generally fuels our motivation to do our best.

Impress or Press in-MightySoundKidsAs we get older, this can turn into a strong desire to impress others. We are confident and bold and we want everyone to know just how cool we are. If we do not keep this under control, our train can come off the track and suddenly we strive to impress others. We think about it, dream about it and scheme about it. Ouch! We find ourselves often wounded because we didn’t get the accolades from others. No one turn on their video to capture our coolness. It becomes a merry-go-round that is hard to get off and we just seem to never measure up.

Instead of trying to impress others who really don’t care about you all that much, press in to the One who cares about you more than you can comprehend. Press in to God. Take your place at His feet and worship Him. Allow Him to be your Healer and true help. Start your day with Him. Thank Him immediately for the gift of life today. Find your true joy in Him today and all of yesterday’s actions of trying to impress others will melt with His flood of love for you.

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The incredible work of Children’s Pastors and children’s ministry workers is often taken for granted, or worse, viewed as childcare. Yet, we know Jesus’ priority in ministry. He first told Peter, “Feed My Lambs,” followed by “Tend My sheep,” and “Feed My sheep.”
Jesus said Feed My Lambs / Mighty Sound Kids

Jesus said Feed My Lambs / Mighty Sound Kids

Most mature Christians are familiar with the 4/14 Window. It’s startling to recognize that a full 50% of conversions to Christ, being born again, occur between the ages of 6 to 12-years of age. Conversions at age 20 and up only account for 19% yet many churches make that group their budget-stretching priority. (Read more here on the 4/14 Window)

Given the facts and the reality of our world today, Mighty Sound Kids’ greater purpose is to minister to those who minister to children. To equip them with free resources and be a source of training and encouragement. Our experience compels us to not only see children saved and walking with the Lord, but to enable them to wholly and fully minister to others. God’s wonder-working power in and through children is beyond amazing, it is exactly what Jesus tells us, “For such is the Kingdom of heaven.”

We are on-call for the needs of Children’s Pastors and ministry workers. What do you need? What do you want help with? Let us be of service to you and your ministry. Email us questions. We even offer online video appointments without charge to listen to you and offer practical advice, prayer and counsel.

Additionally, Jerry Lenz is available to come to your church and minister to your team and/or conduct a Kids Church service for your congregation in the main sanctuary. We will give you ideas of how to “love on” your volunteers, creative recruiting for more team members and ideas for building life-long relationships to help feed the lambs.


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Reaching the Children of Kazakhstan

“Whoever receives one of these little children in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me, receives not Me but Him who sent Me.”The mission of Mighty Sound Kids is to supply free parent and teacher resources that minister to children. We are excited to see the songs from Mighty Sound Kids penetrating countries that do not have an abundance of resources.

Through our YouTube channel, thousands and thousands of views of the Mighty Sound Kids songs are heard in Kazakhstan. In fact, Kazakhstan is number two after Vietnam for YouTube views. So, we were well pleased to see this happening in a former Soviet Bloc country.

We set out to learn more about Kazakhstan

Today, Kazakhstan is 70% Muslim. Evangelical Christians account for less than 3% of the population. There is persecution and violence (terrorist attacks) including an attack on a children’s camp that was reported on June 8, 2016. Nonetheless our God is in control and He is bringing the children of Kazakhstan to Salvation in Christ.

We are further researching Kazakhstan and ministries reaching out to the nation, specifically children. If you are aware of mission ministries that we can partner with, let us know through our contact page. The ministry of Mighty Sound Kids is not simply songs. We want to reach a multitude for Christ through ministry and music.

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Two Power Keys—Giving and Forgiving

Take hold of the two power keys- Giving and ForgivingA personal and reoccurring theme in my walk with the Lord has been giving and forgiving as I press toward the mark. One solid truth is that you can never give nor forgive too much. Do you see how the two words are linked?

The obvious point is that the root word of give is in both forgive and give. Fortunately, I had the wonderful blessing of sitting under the ministry of Pastor Jack Hayford and his staff at The Church On The Way in Van Nuys, California.


If you want to take a deep dive into learning more about giving and forgiving, read Pastor Jack’s book, The Key to Everything (Charisma Media).

The Key to Everything Jack Hayford-Charisma Media

The Key to Everything Jack Hayford-Charisma Media


Recently as I was praying the Lord’s prayer, I stopped and realized that these two power keys are linked in the prayer:

11 Give us this day our daily bread.
12 And forgive us our debts,
As we forgive our debtors.

Matthew 6:11-12 New King James Version (NKJV)

I am convinced the giving and forgiving are absolutely linked. You can’t have one without the other. We ask for our daily bread—provision, and from that provision we give back our tithes and offerings. Likewise, we ask forgiveness and recognize our debt to forgive others. Not some of the time, but all of the time. Hearkening back to my Boy Scout motto, Be Prepared, I like to step into each day fully prepared to give and forgive. It helps me press toward the mark.
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