A Milestone of Thanksgiving to God

MSK/Jerry Lenz/June 9 2016
Mighty Sound Kids - June 9 2016

Mighty Sound Kids – June 9 2016

The Old Testament practice of using stones of remembrance can be found in Joshua 4. Today we tend to use the term milestone as a progress marker on a journey. The bottom line is that is good to remember and retell to our children about the good things that the Lord has done in our lives. Today is a milestone day for Mighty Sound Kids that we want to share with you. Let it encourage you to remember and retell what God has done for you.


I was awaiting the latest YouTube video stats today (6/9/16) because I was confident that we would hit the 1,000 views milestone for Might Sound Kids. It wasn’t a stretch of faith because yesterday we were at 992. Well, imagine how it felt to see today’s total: 1,304


Late in 2014 I sensed a stirring to relaunch my children’s music digitally. I owned my masters from releasing a CD in 1998-99. Sold quite a few CDs and then left it alone. It was never about “making money.” When you sense God working through you to write children’s music it is far more about the mission rather than making a living.


Anyway I secured an independent digital distribution agreement and the Mighty Sound Kids started popping up in all sorts of places like iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify and several other sources all over the globe. iHeartRadio even picked it up and created a Mighty Sound Kids station.


Last fall I realized that it would be a good idea to create videos so churches and parents would have a resource to use in teaching the songs. I finished the first one around Thanksgiving 2015 and finished all ten by March of 2016. It started slow, but I could see that people were sharing the videos. In late April, Might Sound Kids had 500 views and the thing is snowballing now.


We like “likes,” and we like counting our numbers. However, at the end of the day it is about a mission to bring children’s music to a multitude for free. Our hope is that the songs would not only plant seeds, but change lives by pointing families to God. May His Peace and His presence take this mission forward for His Glory.

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